Surviving a Self-Defense Shooting

The NRA has put together a guide to help you navigate through the aftermath of a self-defense shooting incident.  No matter how justified, the legal and financial consequences of a shooting can produce devastating and long lasting effects.

Coming off the physiological adrenaline rush can make it difficult to make correct decisions.  It is not the time to make mistakes.  Properly preparing can help ensure your safety and help you avoid incriminating yourself.

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor Jeff Houston advises:

When police are on the scene, keep your firearm clearly pointed in a safe direction, away from police and citizens. Ideally, you will holster your firearm just as they are arriving so that they do not see you manipulating a firearm at all.

 The guide provides you with basic instructions and answers simple questions such as: What do I do with my gun? How much should I say to the police?  Am I going to be detained?

Click here to download.


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