Gun-Related Bills in Legislature

There are a number of bills in the California Legislature that can impact our second amendment rights.  We recommend contacting your representatives and encouraging them to oppose/support the following bills:


  • Assembly Bill 3– Would raise the age to purchase firearms and ammunition to 21.  (Passed the Assembly and referred to the Senate Public Safety Committee)
  • Assembly Bill 1927 – Allows a person in California to voluntarily add his or her name to the California Do Not Sell List through an internet based platform.
  • Assembly Bill 2103 – Adds certain requirements to already mandated training courses for individuals who obtain a concealed carry license.
  • Senate Bill 1346 – Expands current prohibition on multi burst triggers to include bump stocks.


  • Assembly Bill 986 – Would reduce hunting license fees for veterans.
  • Assembly Bill 1931 – Would allow concealed carry permits to be valid for up to 5 years (currently valid for a period of 2 years)
  • Assembly Bill 1932 – Would require the DOJ to furnish background check report to the licensing authority within 60 days of receiving fingerprints and fees.
  • Assembly Bill 1958 – Would allow for the sale of suppressors by licensed dealers and manufacturers to people outside of California in accordance with federal law.
  • Assembly Bill 2151 – Helps make hunting more affordable for youths hunters.
  • Assembly Bill 2733 – Removes microstamping requirement for new handguns to be eligible for certification to the handgun roster.
  • Assembly Bill 2860 – Would repeal the “roster” requirements for handguns to be sold through licensed firearms dealers.
  • Senate Bill 1092 – Would allow hunting with suppressed rifles and shotguns.
  • Senate Bill 1382 – Would authorize a locking firearm in a tool or utility box that is permanently fixed to the bed of a truck or vehicle that does not have a trunk.

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