New 2017 and 2018 Gun Laws

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Bullet Ban - AB 1135 & SB 880 change the definition of “assault weapon” to include semi-automatic centerfire, rifles and pistols that do not have fixed magazines and one or more prohibited feature. The “Ghost Gun” - AB857 requires anyone who manufactures or assembles a homemade firearm to obtain a unique serial number or identification mark (effective July 1,2018). If in possession of a firearm after this date you must petition the DOJ for a serial number and engrave it by January 1, 2019. Ammunition Purchase - AB1235 requires the DOJ to record ammunition vendor and purchaser information. The Lending Bill - AB1511 amends the exemption that allows gun owners to “infrequently” loan a firearm to a person that they “personally know” without going through a licensed firearms dealer, and limits…
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Bills Moving Forward

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On May 4th, the Public Safety Committee passed 4 anti-gun bills.  All 4 bills are schedule to be heard this Monday by the Senate Appropriations Committee. In summary, the bills are: AB 156 - Place unjustified and burdensome restrictions on the purchase of ammunition. AB 857 - Requires serial numbers to be requested from the DOJ for curios, relics and home-built firearms. AB 1135 - Would classify legally owned semi-automatic rifles as "assault weapons". AB 1511 - Would prohibit you from loaning a gun to anyone other than a family member who is in the field of hunting unless conducted through an authorized dealer. We encourage you to contact members of the Senate now and encourage them to oppose these bills.
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