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Kid’s Adventure Day 2018

Kid’s Adventure Day was a hit once again!  We hosted 34 kids each day, and a good time was had by all!  Special thank you to Pat Loomis and Fort Hope, as well as all of our club volunteers.  

Fishing Tackle Ban

Assemblymember Bill Quirk has introduced AB2787 that will make it impossible to purchase lead fishing weights and sinkers that are approximately 1.75 ounces or less. Widely considered “a solution in search of a problem,” the proposed legislation will hurt California anglers without protecting California fish and wildlife. In fact, as fishing license sales decline due…
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Modern Fish Act

The Modern Fish Act aims to improve access to America’s federal waters and promotes the conservation of natural marine resources.  The bill is designed to provide federal managers with the tools to effectively manage 11 million recreational saltwater anglers in a different way than commercial fishermen. The Act was approved in December by the House…
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Kid’s Adventure Day Recap

We want to thank all of you that come out, helped, and support our Kid’s Adventure Day.  We had 43 kids and over 60 adults attend Saturday, and 32 kids with 50+ adults come out on Sunday.  Lots of fish were caught, new skills were developed, and fun was had by all! We’d like to…
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Banning Fishing Tackle

Did you know right before he left office, Obama issued an edict that will ban fishing tackle on federal land?

Sportsman’s Act

The U.S. House is about to get back to work on the SHARE Act aka Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015.  The Act has a lot of benefits for fishermen. We encourage you to “take action” and encourage Congress to pass the SHARE Act. Benefits for Fishermen include: Protects traditional fishing equipment containing lead from unwarranted…
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