Gun-Related Bills in Legislature

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There are a number of bills in the California Legislature that can impact our second amendment rights.  We recommend contacting your representatives and encouraging them to oppose/support the following bills: OPPOSE Assembly Bill 3- Would raise the age to purchase firearms and ammunition to 21.  (Passed the Assembly and referred to the Senate Public Safety Committee) Assembly Bill 1927 - Allows a person in California to voluntarily add his or her name to the California Do Not Sell List through an internet based platform. Assembly Bill 2103 - Adds certain requirements to already mandated training courses for individuals who obtain a concealed carry license. Senate Bill 1346 - Expands current prohibition on multi burst triggers to include bump stocks. SUPPORT Assembly Bill 986 - Would reduce hunting license fees for veterans. Assembly Bill…
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Ticks and Mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes and ticks are back in season. This year is expected to be worse for them because of damp and warm weather. Mosquitoes with the Zika virus like to bite ankles and lower legs and are out all day. If you get a bite and have a rash fever and joint pain, contact your doctor immediately. Lyme disease is also a concern, nymph mosquitoes are found in cool moist environments, such as in leaf litter or on logs, tree trunks or fallen branches in oak woodlands. The adults are found on the tips of grass, and shrubs, often alongside trails. Lime disease bites develop lesions and a rash. A new comer to the tick worries is one that carries the Powassan (POW) virus. This is most commonly found in the…
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