Contact Your Reps!

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There are multiple bills pending that will be voted upon when Legislature returns from their recess next week.  We encourage you to contact your representatives and urge them to vote NO on the following bills: SB 497 would extend the current prohibition on purchasing more than one handgun within a 30 day period to also include rifles and shotguns. SB 464 would create government mandated standards for how firearms retailers must secure and store their firearms when they are closed for business, while allowing different laws, ordinances or regulations governing retailers' security measures to be adopted by any local jurisdiction. AB 1525 would add to the packaging and literature warnings that are already required, without increasing public safety, and needlessly increasing production and distribution costs for manufacturers and operational costs…
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Guns Laws and Crime

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A recent report in Business Insider (with data collected by State Firearm Law) points out some interesting information about the correlation between gun laws and gun crime/suicides by state. California is listed as having the most gun laws with 104, while Alaska, Idaho, and Montana each have less than 4.  The average number of gun laws per state is 27.  Are you surprised to know that even more gun laws are on the agenda for us this year? The current bills in the House and Senate are as follows: Assembly Bills (AB): 7, 8, 424, 521, 539, 573, 693, 721, 736, 757, 785, 986, 1192, 1195, 1471, 1525, 1544, and 1559 Senate Bills (SB): 22, 299, 464, 497, 536, 620, 652, and 710 For more information about these bills, we recommend…
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We have issued a gun-bill-update-916-16 for your review. As you can see there are still seven bills that are sitting on the Governor’s desk waiting for him to sign or veto.  If the governor vetoes legislation after adjournment, bill must be returned to the legislature within 3 days after the beginning of the next session. The governor must sign or veto legislation within 15 days after transmittal, or it becomes law without his/her signature. The bills in question are: AB450, 1999, 2165, 2361 and 2510. SB 869 and 1332. Contacting government officials and your vote in the November election are CRITICAL to our second amendment rights.
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The Second Amendment, and Your Rights.

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Your gun rights are under attack! Many politicians and dangerous extremists are closing in to take your rights away. Those of us who do not take the time to follow and understand the steps being taken to take away any right are at fault. Following both California and federal anti-gun bills, and the proposed legislations right now is critical if you wish to keep your rights. Equally important is to make your voice heard. Contact your legislative representatives and ask them to vote NO on anti-gun bills before they become law. You CAN make a difference! Never give up your right to vote! Register and vote. Your vote does count, even if you think it does not; it is worse not to vote, and then complain. As a result of the…
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