Ticks and Mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes and ticks are back in season. This year is expected to be worse for them because of damp and warm weather. Mosquitoes with the Zika virus like to bite ankles and lower legs and are out all day. If you get a bite and have a rash fever and joint pain, contact your doctor immediately. Lyme disease is also a concern, nymph mosquitoes are found in cool moist environments, such as in leaf litter or on logs, tree trunks or fallen branches in oak woodlands. The adults are found on the tips of grass, and shrubs, often alongside trails. Lime disease bites develop lesions and a rash. A new comer to the tick worries is one that carries the Powassan (POW) virus. This is most commonly found in the…
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AGSC friends Joel Wilson and Ben Potter made a film about a big horn sheep hunt in Montana.  Sitka describes the film: Four lifelong friends set out on an archery sheep hunt in the Tendoy Mountains of Montana, and they find themselves in a wild stalk. But the hunt is bigger than them. Repeated pneumonia-related die-offs have led biologists to employ hunters to wipe out the entire herd, in order to restore it. If the program works, if the hunters are successful, it could become the blueprint for wild sheep restoration across North America. TENDOYS - SITKA Gear from SITKA Gear on Vimeo.  
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Sportsman’s Act

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The U.S. House is about to get back to work on the SHARE Act aka Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2015.  The Act has a lot of benefits for fishermen. We encourage you to "take action" and encourage Congress to pass the SHARE Act. Benefits for Fishermen include: Protects traditional fishing equipment containing lead from unwarranted federal bans. Prevents unnecessary closures of public water to fishing and implementing an "open until closed" management policy. Creates more and better fishing by requiring federal land managers to support and facilitate access for Fishing on Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands. Blocks the National Park Service from arbitrarily closing water to fishing without state approval like they dad at Biscayne National Park. *Information received from Keep America Fishing
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