The Second Amendment, and Your Rights.

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Your gun rights are under attack! Many politicians and dangerous extremists are closing in to take your rights away. Those of us who do not take the time to follow and understand the steps being taken to take away any right are at fault. Following both California and federal anti-gun bills, and the proposed legislations right now is critical if you wish to keep your rights. Equally important is to make your voice heard. Contact your legislative representatives and ask them to vote NO on anti-gun bills before they become law. You CAN make a difference! Never give up your right to vote! Register and vote. Your vote does count, even if you think it does not; it is worse not to vote, and then complain. As a result of the…
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Arroyo Grande Sportsmans Club, Government, Guns, In the News, Legislation, NSSF
Perhaps you've seen #gunvote around? #gunvote is sponsored by the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation); they refer to it as their educational site.  The site has all of the current candidates with links to their platform on gun control.  It also has information on what you can do to help protect the Second Amendment; register to vote, and become well informed about all the candidates, and most importantly when it is time to vote in November, “GET OUT and VOTE, your vote counts." You can follow #gunvote on Twitter.  
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